A Step-by-step Guide To Applying Epoxy To A Garage Floor

Although there are a lot of epoxy flooring companies like Epoxy Flooring Co, some people still opt to do epoxy garage flooring on their own. If you’re the same but don’t know how, let us help you. 

Here’s how to apply epoxy to your garage on your own

Step 0. Safety First

Before you start, here are some important safety tips you need to know. Always use correct protective tools and remember not to smoke while working with this task. Switch off the gas to your water heater as well as other appliances situated in the garage. Maintain the garage well ventilated while using epoxy. Also, take safety measures to maintain children and also family pets far from the garage and driveway while you’re working.

Always use premium lint-free rollers for a blemish cost-free finishing. Having an additional roller is also an excellent idea. Shop your epoxy products in an amazing location 24 hours before blending because a cooler epoxy will certainly aid increase the functioning time. Likewise, look for dampness in the concrete by taping a sturdy trash can over the center of the flooring. After 24 hours, lift one corner of the bag to see if it’s damp underneath. If it is, the epoxy will certainly not hold and also you will certainly call for expert assistance or a brand-new flooring.

Step 1. Check if your concrete is sealed 

Sprinkle a percentage of water onto the concrete. If the water beads, a sealant has actually been made use of and also have to be removed prior to the application of the epoxy layer. If the water soaks up into the concrete after that it isn’t sealed.

Step 2. Pressure clean your garage floor

Use a high-pressure cleaner to clean up every one of the garage floors, consisting of the corners. Ensure you put on safety footwear while you work. We used a gas high-pressure cleaner, which is best to maintain outdoors to quit the build-up of fuel fumes. After you have cleaning it, use a stiff-bristled brush to sweep away excess water and also any type of particles.

Step 3. Acid wash it too

Prior to you start dealing with the hydrochloric acid, put on your handwear covers, shatterproof glass, respirator, long trousers, and boots. Check out the guidelines to obtain the ideal ratio of acid to water. Carefully pour the acid into the container including water. Dip the stiff-bristled brush in the mixture and also scrub the garage flooring

Step 4. Then hose it down

After you have acid cleaned the garage flooring, hose it down to cleanse away any type of acid and particles. Leave the floor to completely dry for at the very least 24 hrs.

Step 5. Tape the walls

Once the garage flooring is completely dry, stick the painter’s tape where the walls satisfy the garage flooring. This will shield them from being coated in epoxy

Step 6. Mix the epoxy and cut in edges of the flooring

Make certain you read the instructions before blending the epoxy. Also, placed on your security handwear covers, glasses and also respirator. Put the components of the tin can into the large can as well as blend the epoxy extensively. When your 2 epoxy chemicals are combined, quickly start using it to the flooring. Then afterward, proceed to cut in the sides of the floor.

Step 7. Roll on the epoxy

After you have actually cut in, paint the remainder of the flooring with the roller. Using a roller on the pole will make the work less complicated. Relocate at a constant pace and also you ought to end up a two-car garage floor in much less than one hour. A useful idea is to pay attention to the noise of the roller, a peaceful roller indicates the epoxy is taking place thick while a loud roller implies it’s going on thin.

Step 8. Apply the flakes

After painting 1m2 of the floor, you can now use apply flakes to it. In this manner, you can reach over as well as sprinkle the flakes over the area. Repeat adding flakes every time you’ve painted 1m2. Continue painting and using the flakes till the work is done.

Step 9. Let the flooring dry completely

Relying on the temperature and also humidity, an epoxy flooring will certainly be completely dry to the touch in a couple of hrs. Ensure you wait overnight prior to walking on it. You can begin parking your cars and trucks on the floor in regarding three to 7 days, depending on the epoxy label instructions. A full treatment for the flooring takes about one month. All you require to do now is take care of it as well as your garage flooring will look great for years to come.